Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Please move to Thinking Allowed.

If you get this via RSS subscription, or if you've ended up here for something else, please note that I will be doing all of my posting at Thinking Allowed from now on. For awhile I was posting to both that site and this one, but now to make the move complete and official, I will stop posting here. Please change your blogrolls and subscriptions accordingly.

Here's the link for the Thinking Allowed. feed directly.

Thanks for coming by and giving my thoughts an audience and more importantly feedback.

photo found at flickr creative commons. Taken by suckamc.


James Farmer said...

Ace - glad you like the service... yours will be a heck of a blog to have!

Please feel free to drop by the forums with any requests, feedback or ideas.

Cheers, James Farmer

D. Harter said...

Wow! Now you see, that's why I'm moving to edublogs. Personalized attention.

A welcome from the creator of edublogs himself...awesome. I didn't get that kind of welcome from Google or Blogger!

Thanks for the welcome, James. I am impressed and enjoy edublogs already.

Anonymous said...
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