Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Haulin’ ‘Net 2006-2007 » Blog Archive » Classic!

Haulin’ ‘Net 2006-2007 » Blog Archive » Classic!
At our school we have senior seminar final presentations that amount to PowerPoint presentations on engaging topics of interest to the students, but not necessarily demonstrating any particular growth. The focus is taken from the concepts of the IB T.O.K. program. It's ideas are worthwhile, but after reading the Haulin' 'Net post, I wonder if our allegiance to the IB as the provider of all great ideas (even for non-IB classes & students) has led us astray here.

In particular, I liked what Carrie Sheehan commented about her senior projects, "The ones who fell short unanimously missed the concept that they had to PERSONALLY experience growth." In that vein, are we falling short? We have plenty of community service opportunities, so it's not that, but I just don't see the ownership or the focus in the senior projects that I read about in this post.

Something for us to think about.

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