Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Steve Hargadon: "Aha!" Moment on Adoption of Web 2.0 in the Classroom?

Steve Hargadon: "Aha!" Moment on Adoption of Web 2.0 in the Classroom?: "The light bulb went off for me. There is no way that teachers are going to be able to bring this technology into the classroom without support from the administration. So, the key would be to help the administrators experience the personal educational benefits from the read/write web technologies. And how would you do that? Maybe not providing them with just more information on the benefits of the read/write web, but actually providing them with some kind of training that actually helps them use these technologies in their jobs. They then would experience what happens, and can either promote or be more supportive of these technologies."

Steve speaks of what it will take for technology to really be embraced and used in schools. He finishes the article with a little downside pessimism, but is he on to something here? Our administration is hoping that this is the case. Training the leadership team in not only what technologies are out there and can be used but also on what kind of teacher to recruit that will embrace these technologies are powerful forces that our Leadership Team supports. We are lucky that way, but Steve's idea here can be the way to increased support and increased use by teachers. Ultimately, the leaders of a school set tone. This type of knowledge and understanding would definitely set the tone for technology use as well.


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more about what you are doing. Also, I think you'll like the latest interview I've done with Jim Hirsch from Plano ISD in Texas. Take care.

D.Harter said...

Would love to see the interview. I'll keep on the look out for when it's online.

mscofino said...

Just found your blog! So many posts that are like reading my own thoughts :) I love blogging!

I totally agree with what you're saying here. It is amazing what a difference recruitment makes, especially when coupled with admin buy-in and training.

How can admin get teachers on board with technology if they are not using the tools themselves? How can they even ask that teachers start integrating technology if they don't know what that means? But this happens all the time - and it is never successful.

As much as teachers hate "top down" decisions, it's that vision (or tone) that makes or breaks a new initiative.

D.Harter said...

Thanks, Kim. I have just added your blog to my netvibes as well. You're right, it's great to read like-thoughts, though sometimes I worry that it makes us self-indulgent and doesn't challenge our own thinking enough (then again we are already challenging the status quo.

We are so pysched to have you joining us next year at ISB! So much to comment on your blog...I have only had time to peruse. You will be hearing from me soon...perhaps even sooner than you reading this comment on my own blog!